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اتوماسیون اداری شرکت صاف فیلم نوین آذربایجان

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در خبرنامه صاف فیلم عضو شوید

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Beginning of tabriz tile road,15th km of Tabriz - Meyaneh road,Tabriz,East Azerbaijan,IRAN


Tel : +98 411 6307642-48
Fax: +98 411 6307649
Email : info[at]saaf-film[dot]com

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About Saaf Film Company


1.About us

Company History

SAAF Film Novin Azarbaijan is a producer of  “ Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films ( BOPP ) “ in iran . It was founded in 2009 and  initialized producing in 2011 .

This company with a span of 60000 m2 allocates 20000 m2for plant and 6500 m2 for other roofed area .

We’re proud of producing different types of films with a thicknss range from 15 um up to 50 um and also with a production capacity of 30000 tons annually we are one of the largest manufacturer in iran. Our prod uction equipments suppliers are the most well-known companies in this field : Dornier ( Germany ) , kampf ( Germany ) , Bonfanti ( Italy ) . We are going to implement a metalizer machine with annual capacity of 10000 tons, as soon as possible , which will increase our product capacity markedly .

We try to implement international standards by the use of accepting new ideas , updated knowledge , continues learning and efficient co-working to achieve the best quality . 



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